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YouTube these days has taken over any other visual search engine available today. There can be a psychological reason also behind it. If the information is reading itself and showing you all applications with descriptions just on a click of a button, wouldn’t you like it? A lot of people these days are looking for visual information and hence they prefer YouTube. Also, these viewers are more advanced and need information served in a different way.

A couple of years ago, had you put your video using title holding keywords on the YouTube, it would have been much easier to top the chart than now. It is because; there was not much of competition then. However, now the rate of uploading videos is so rapid and tremendous that just like the website SEO we now need YouTube SEO to stay in the competition and manage our ranking. Let us see how we can be fully equipped with YouTube SEO and how it can help our business grow.

1. Closed caption You must have observed a ‘CC’ button while enjoying any YouTube video at the bottom right hand corner of your screen; it is known as closed caption. YouTube is globally known and videos posted on it in any part of the world can be seen in any country with the same quality. With the help of the captions, more people are able to view your videos also, YouTube crawls content available in the captions.

In the caption file where the unique text is arranged, helps your video to come up when that unique text is searched on YouTube or Google.Before it was much difficult and a long set of rules to attach the Closed Caption to any of the videos. It used to actually take hours mentioning the beginning and the end for every line. The most amazing part now is that, even that has been replaced by a voice recognition technique. It detects the details spoken and tries to match with the audio of the video.

So, what remains for you here is only to upload the video’s script and caption comes automatically. That’s why they are one of the best in the market. So, people you can see that the video having CC have good chance of being on the top in comparison to the video not having CC specifications.

2. Script Adding in the Description In case you are crafting the speech script in the video, inserting the same script on your description of a video will not seize much time.

3. Giving keywords to Video Files For instance you are going to upload a video on health due to organic food, and then your video’s file name must come like health-and- organic-food-advantages.avi. MOV098.AVI will not make since here. If you see it doesn’t matter to the viewer but it does effect the relative results as the 2nd file name will not get any credit in relevancy part and video may not come up for the view due to the lack of the key words.

4. Video must be engaging It may sound obvious to you that, of course we know that and what is so new in this point.Let me tell you that this fact has been tested and served to you. We experimented on 2 different videos having similar SEO setting but the difference was in the content of it. When we checked after 6 months of uploading the videos, one video with good content had much better standing that the other one.

The reason is simple that YouTube gives more credit to the videos capable of holding human’s attention and of course it does show the quality of it as well. If you feel that this is just a theory and not practical it’s up to you, but I would sure ask you to contemplate for a while that measuring the duration spent on a video is a much easier way to judge the quality of it. Isn’t it?

5. YouTube channel with Good reputation Uploading your video on a new YouTube channel will not give you much SEO strength in comparison to the one uploaded on the channel already having good videos available on similar topic. It is very much same as your Web SEO, where you post your blog on a well known and higher PR site. You will see the vast difference. This does give your video a good ranking, and a fast growth as to when the viewers will share or comment on it. o better to have a known channel and refrain uploading on new channels. Don’t forget that you must put the relevant videos matching to the subject or else your viewership will collapse.

6. Put HD Videos I have seen at many places, uploading HD quality videos is not even mentioned. It is taken for granted it seems. I would say there is a huge difference between High Definition videos and Standard Definition videos. One might think that High Definition might create storage or a bandwidth problem for You Tube, but allow me to clear this myth, that they

have more resources that you and I can imagine. Then, why does YouTube limit the length of the video must be a question. The answer is directly from the YouTube that they want to stop the viewers from uploading the copyrighted videos. I think that it is justified also. When someone is creating a HD quality putting so much of time and money the content must be good. So guys you may try uploading 720p while doing presentation video or commonly can upload 1080p.

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