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SEO’s Good to Know Resources a Beginner Must Be Aware of – Tech WebSite Ranking. Number of people SEO appears to be a ghost which only can be handled by Ghostbusters. Even I agree to it, that to me as well initially SEO was like a big mystery. However, if you continue to work with SEO, it is the best application in today’s world. Too much of information is also bad for any new players, because it may lead to confusion. Here I have outlined a few dependable SEO resources, from tools, Guides, conferences to blogs. Check in the below information which will help you.

SEO BLOG In today’s world of computer website runners are actually obligatory to be updated on SEO top blogs. SEL : It stands for “search engine land”, and also a very big blog on SE information and news. SE Journal : You will here, get good write ups for link building, PPC and also optimization information. Google’s blog : In general it is about knowing Google updates. SEO Book : Some of the bloggers do write great articles, and to update your knowledge in SEO world you must keep reading. SEOmoz : It is for linkbuilding articles for some people
Matt Cutts : He is the head of one of the Google’s team called webpam. I would say you must read or listen to him.

SEO GUIDES One can’t deny the fact that blogs are the real source of information today. SEO Start Guide : It is by Google for you to get the understanding of how to start with the SEO primarily. Guide to SEO for Beginners : I would say it’s a must read for all wanting to start on this. Ranking Factor SEO : It’s a good visual guide. Copywriting Guide SEO : Truly recommended. Marketing language : you must be getting confused at time with what PPC, SEM, SEO are? Here you will get all. SEO’s Ranking Factor Guide : Again a very helpful guide coming from SEOmoz. Simplifying Guide : A good to read guide for simplifying. Cheat Sheet : especially for the site owners.

SEO TOOLS It can actually be a great loss of time if you are not aware of it. You must read through this to avoid your confusion about the tools and of course to save on your time as well. Keyword Tool : It is a definite Tool that you must know about by Google. You must know it well. SEOmoz Tool : Though it is paid and that to a premium price, you would love it due to its usefulness. Webmaster Tool : If you want to be in this big game you must learn all them tactics of the players also, not only the game.

Site Explorer : The tool SEOmoz is unique to check competitor’s backlink along with different metrics. If you are a professional, it could be a real time explosive for you. Serp IQ : This tool is lightning fast with loads of awesome features and uses like competition analysis or it could be keyword discovery. Scribe SEO : A great tool especially when it comes to WordPress, because it is capable of breaking down keywords to perfection SpyFu : As the name appears, it is to keep an eye on all your competitors’ advertisings. Wordtracker Keyword Tool : In order to research keywords you must make use of this. Market Samurai : Though, the speed of it is not really so good still it is the best tool to keyword analysis for SEO competition.

SEO FORUMS Even when you read many blogs at times it may be the case that you are left with a question unanswered. In such cases forums ate the best place to find answers to your questions. Webmaster World : For the site owners it is one of the famous forums. Digital Point Forum : It is useful but could be time consuming. SE Watch Forum : It’s a good as well as popular forum.

CONFERENCES For many it could be little advanced but it is also good to know and experience SE conferences. SES Conference: On search and social marketing SES is advanced global event for search also for social marketing. Blueglas: It has rapidly become known for its premier events, latest strategies, networking and interacting with the speaker. Search Marketing: It is another SE conference. Now, it is your turn. Would you like to see any other big resources incorporated? If yes, please do let us know your favourite SEO resources via your valuable comments.

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