WebSite Ranking How Can You use Website for Money Making: Part 1

Now the web is fully loaded with the information and tips on money making. As per me they are incomplete. That is what provoked me to write this article. You also must be having something on your mind. If now also you think that I am missing on something do let me know at the end of this post. We will incorporate that as well.

Remember that money making through a website are much unlike making more money through it. Great tips to amplify web traffic will earn you more money, even though all that doesn’t stand for money making as per the search engine. Example: One can say that AdSense ads and content will make you money from any website. I would say it is merely a trick to improve your clicking rate on ads. But, the actual thing working is PPCnetwork behind it.

1. Network of PPC Ads

Google AdSense is very well known in our community. Here you are allowed to sign up and attach some codes provided on the site you are running. Then some ads are put by the network on your site and with every click you start earning.

The profit here relies on the traffic you have on the website, and upon the click rate and the cost per click. Mainly the click rate depends on the website design. Moreover the ads related to the content get relatively more clicks. For instance ads on websites about mortgage, education, financial products get more cost per click; rate can be up to $2 or even more per click. Comparatively ads on technical websites get a few cents per click.

The traffic source can also get affected by the click through rate. The traffic sent by the search engine performs good as these are the people looking for some or the other thing already so they don’t hesitate to click on ads. On the other hand traffic coming from the social media sites don’t have that good reputation, as they are techies, tend to ignore any such ads giving a very-very low click rate. CPC networks are: Clicksor, BidVertiser, Google Adsense and Yahoo! (YPN)

2. CPM Network

CPM advertising acts muck like PPC network, except the fact that you earn as per the page views where that ads placed on your website. Cost per mile (CPM) is calculated on the basis of the cost per 1000 impressions.

This is an approximate calculation that if a blog is generating 100,000 page views in a month containing an ad banner which is costing $1 cost per mille, is going to make around $100 in a month.

The CPM rates do keep changing depending upon the ad format and positioning. If the network is good CPM rates will of course be good considering the access to number of ads. If the ads are on the top page, the CPM will be higher. Higher the pixels of the ads format is, the CPM growth will increase. Here you can earn from $0 to $10 per 1,000 page views. CPM ads performed well on sites with increased number of impressions per visitor. In case of magazines and online forums. CPM Ads Network are: Value Click, Tribal Fusion, Burst Media,, and more.

3. Banner Advertising

If you have developed your site in such a manner that you get the opportunity to sell the ads spac, nothing like it. Now here, you have the choice to set you own rates without a midiator in between to minus the commission. The format of a banner goes like this; 125×125 button, 120×600 skyscraper, and the 300×250 rectangular.

The bad thing here in direct advertising is you must a good number of audiences to get good advertisers. Also, as it is direct you need to manage the payments and the sales; everything on your own.

4. Text link Adverts

Money making diminished comparatively when Google said that there will be a penalty for the sites which are selling text link not having nofollow tag. However, still text links are used by some site owners. The advantage is that the method is not pushy. Anyone may trade text links via their site, even can use special network to make the process easy. The networks and marketplace: TNX, LinkWorth, Text Link Brokers or ads, and DigitalPoint Link Sale Forum.

5. Affiliate Marketing

It is fairly famous and used practice. Over here you get a merchant or say website owner who is for commission supporting to sell your services or products. You may also call it Cost Per Action (CPA) or even Cost Per Lead. These affiliates may promote customers by using text links, banners and reviews to get linked with you.
So to get a good affil program you may look at the small companies or publishers like SEOBook, or can even join affil networks. List of affiliates and networks: Azoogle Ads, Link Share, ClickBank, Commission Junction.

6. Money Making Widgets

Money making widgets are in trend these days like SmartLinks, Widgetbucks etc. some are using PPC, and some like text links and the remaning you with affiliate links. They operate like web widgets which makes it smooth for their users to make use of the services on their site. Companies providing such money making widgets: ScratchBack, SmartLink, WidgetBucks.

7. Reviews that are sponsored

“Pay per post” has taken over the market, instead of the controversy of not needing disclosure on PP which is paid posts. Shortly after that the different other companies started the same, most of them with sponsored reviews extending the paid model in blogging.

If you start with these sponsored reviews, you will get a chance to pen sponsored posts with multiple choices in topics. Writers who are doing it are making good out of it. However, some aren’t willing to compromise with their credibility. Sponsored reviews and blogging: PayPerPost, ReviewMe, BlogVertise, Sponsored Reviews.

8. RSS Feed

RSS technology has been acknowledged by millions on users, site owners are trying to figure out the ways they can make money by this channel of content distribution. Feedburber is having its network of publisher, you just have to sign up and on to your feed footer exhibit can start with the CPM supported advertising. Bidvertiser has just got a RSS feed with Pay per click plan. Many of the blogs on their feed directly are selling sponsored messages and banners.

9. Single event or column Sponsors

You can get the companies sponsor you if your site has some events like monthly surveys taking place. This has improved the chances of making money for the site owners. Also has given advertisers a chance to target specific audience with low risk. Like Problogger runs a group project, and before going ahead with it the project is announced and calling for the investors as well.

10. Content

You must have seen that sites also give out content for free but do take money for the premium content. A good example would be SEOmoz; also they are known for free advice on SEO topics. The visitor can also be a premium member with a fee of $48 per month also; they get access to tools, guides and other related information. Guys! I have got more to share with you and that; I am going to do next in my part 2.

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